Aljaž Lodge

Aljaž Lodge stands at the edge of a forest clearing in the upper part of the Vrata Valley. It is named after Jakob Aljaž (1845-1927), the so-called Triglav parish priest from Dovje, a composer and mountaineering writer who has played a key role in the development of Slovenian mountaineering and against germanization of the Triglav mountains. The lodge has been standing here since 1910. From the lodge there is a beautiful view of the surrounding peaks and the Triglav northern wall. The lodge has 30 beds in 7 rooms. Rooms are not heated. Toilets and washrooms are common and have hot water. In the lower part there is a restaurant with two guest rooms with 60 seats, which are heated by wood stoves. The lodge is also connected to the power grid. There are 110 seats on the external terrace. In the immediate vicinity there is also a reception and a small souvenir shop, where you can buy mountain literature and souvenirs.
  • 1*2 bed rooms
  • 3*3 bed rooms
  • 4*4-6 bed rooms
  • 1*8 bed room

Seats in the lodge: 90
Seats on the terrace: 110
Toilet, Bathroom with hot water, Rooms are not heated

Winter room: 4 beds (open from October to May)
Contactt: GSM:+386(0)51 665 738